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Infrastructure Designed for Video Surveillance and Security

infrastructure Designed for Video Surveillance and Security

Quantum hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions provide a purpose-built, innovative approach to creating an ‘always-on’ unified server and storage infrastructure for your Video Management Systems (VMS) and other security applications that easily scale when and how you need it to. It gives you the flexibility, simplicity, and security required for mission-critical video surveillance and physical security environments. Plus, you benefit from lower infrastructure-related costs through more efficient hardware utilization, resulting in less hardware required to support your number of cameras and applications.

We offer two approaches to HCI solutions based on Quantum’s innovative software-based intelligence. One provides the flexibility of using your choice of server hardware and then purchasing Quantum software with a built-in virtualization platform that converges those servers’ computing, storage, and networking resources into a unified system. The other provides the convenience of purchasing pre-configured appliances from Quantum with Quantum software and VMware ESXi hypervisor installed on the server hardware. Both solutions support all the leading VMS, video analytics, and other security applications so that you can be confident in the operation of your complete video surveillance and security infrastructure.

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